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Mixtape No26

Hello friends, it is time for some music. The last months I was inspired a lot by listening to the La La Land Soundtrack & Dead Man’s Bones (Ryan Goslings band – that you should totally check out!). I also listened to a lot of funky music, after watching Freaks & Geeks, it just makes me so happy sometimes – singing and dancing along. I’m thinking about writing and photographing more for this blog, to revive the spirit. What would you want to see here? Some recipes, posts on moving, photography…? Write me something in the comments, because I need some inspiration from you guys!! Have a wonderful and happy day y’all, enjoy your first day of the new month!

I wish that we were magic
So we wouldn't be 
so young and tragic

Shows (on Netflix) you should watch

I have watched a lot stuff within the last weeks – and with a lot I mean I spent a freaking amount in front of my laptop. That’s not really good (for my healthy and well being and so on..), I know that… but you know, sometimes you say to yourself: Ok, only one episode this evening, only one … or maybe two. And then after watching the two episodes you find yourself sitting on your couch (or wherever you sit, when you watch tv), mumbling to yourself: … but I need to know. I NEED to know. I guess one more episode won’t hurt. And so on and so on. I guess you know what I mean right? Anyways, I watched some awesome stuff over the last weeks and I want to tell you all about it!

First, SHERLOCK. No need to say anything about my favourite british consulting detective and my darling John Watson. Plus first day of the new year – a new episode. I was having a very good start into the year! #itsnotagameanymore

Second, STRANGER THINGS. If you don’t know what I’m talking about – go watch the trailer. I know, I know I am fairly late to the party (half a year). But I just thought I need something good and mysterious and awesome… plus I love the 70s time period. Plus it has a lot of Twin Peaks (and with Twin Peaks 3 season coming out in May!!!). Man I’m patiently waiting for the second season to come out now.

Third, A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS. Violet, Klaus and Sunny on their ever so eventful and unfortunate journey from guardian to guardian, followed by the evil Count Olaf. It was good, so good. I love the story of the three Baudelaire orphans so much (though I haven’t read more than the first four books yet, but I will!) and the tv show is super fun. It sometimes felt a lot like a Wes Anderson movie (and if you know me well – you know that’s what I love). And Klaus is so super geeky!

Fourth, RIVERDALE. This show is new to Netflix right now – and I am addicted. Every week there are new episodes (now only two more to come ..) and I can’t wait to see how this all ends. Riverdale is kind of a mystery show, a bit like Twin Peaks mysterious and a bit dark. It is about this small town somewhere in America and about the people that live there. Plus Cole Sprouse as my darling Jughead Jones that’s a huge bonus!

Fifth, FREAKS & GEEKS. Another great 90s show (that sadly only has one season, but still ..), ah no, I’m correcting myself – one of the greatest 90s tv shows. It has got lot of freaks & geeks (old and young ones) and is just so funny. And Jason Segel as an adorable Nick Andopolis, I mean who could resist there (I actually liked James Franco more before watching Freaks & Geeks, but now ..). I wish there would be another season (but who knows, Franco said maybe there’ll be a Highschool reunion thingy sometimes – then I will be like hell yeah – ).


Plus I finished watching Gilmore Girls the other day (and I’m not over the fact that there was no kiss between Rory and Jess ..) and can’t wait for season 2 of Love on march 10th.

What show(s) have you been watching lately? What are your favourite(s)?

11 Lovely Things Around the Web (Last Minute Gifts)

In case you are currently searching for a last minute Christmas gifts, here are some ideas for you. I normally spend a lot of my free time browsing in Etsy, searching for things from my favourite films and tv shows and here are some of them:

1 Ramsay Bolton (Game of Thrones) enamel pin

2 Ron Weasley (Harry Potter) enamel pin

3Sherlock wooden pin

Welcome to Twin Peaks mug

Amélie illustrated print

Chandler Bing (Friends) enamel pin

Diagon Alley postcard

Gilmore Girls temporary tattoos

Rory Gilmore Reading List poster (with checkboxes)

10 Luke’s Diner mug in different colours

11 Kowalski’s bakery shirt (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)