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Mixtape No26

Hello friends, it is time for some music. The last months I was inspired a lot by listening to the La La Land Soundtrack & Dead Man’s Bones (Ryan Goslings band – that you should totally check out!). I also listened to a lot of funky music, after watching Freaks & Geeks, it just makes me so happy sometimes – singing and dancing along. I’m thinking about writing and photographing more for this blog, to revive the spirit. What would you want to see here? Some recipes, posts on moving, photography…? Write me something in the comments, because I need some inspiration from you guys!! Have a wonderful and happy day y’all, enjoy your first day of the new month!

I wish that we were magic
So we wouldn't be 
so young and tragic

Mixtape No22

As the sky painted my room first golden and then rose I sat on my velvet sofa and looked out my window. Shadows were playing hide and seek on my furniture. Then slowly, the air was getting colder. Everything went a dark lilac shade, I closed my eyes and felt the fresh wind on my face. It was all calm and I heard my neighbours laugh on their balcony. And alongside played this mixtape that I made for exact these summer evenings.

All the love,

Hannah xx

Palo Alto

nach einem Buch von James Franco

Ich möchte euch ein bisschen was von einem meiner liebsten Filme erzählen Palo Alto. Vielen wird das nichts sagen, da es ihn in Deutschland noch nicht gibt. Gedreht wurde er von Gia Coppola in 2014.



Es geht um ein paar Jugendliche aus Palo Alto. Man lernt sie und ihre Probleme, ihre Träume und Wünsche kennen. Es ist kein Film mit einem festen Anfang und einem in sich geschlossenen Ende, aber trotzdem… Voller Melancholie, zeigt der Film, was es heißt jung zu sein. Er porträtiert die Jugend, aber nicht so eine Friede-Freude-Eierkuchen Jugend.





This was the way the night had crashed in. Choices had been made and things happened, and here we were. It was sad, and funny. My life was made of this. Stuff like this.