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Mixtape No26

Hello friends, it is time for some music. The last months I was inspired a lot by listening to the La La Land Soundtrack & Dead Man’s Bones (Ryan Goslings band – that you should totally check out!). I also listened to a lot of funky music, after watching Freaks & Geeks, it just makes me so happy sometimes – singing and dancing along. I’m thinking about writing and photographing more for this blog, to revive the spirit. What would you want to see here? Some recipes, posts on moving, photography…? Write me something in the comments, because I need some inspiration from you guys!! Have a wonderful and happy day y’all, enjoy your first day of the new month!

I wish that we were magic
So we wouldn't be 
so young and tragic

Mixtape No25

The year is almost over – only 10 days until Christmas! I hope it’ll snow. Winter without snow is somehow wrong. Here’s a mixtape for you, full of my favourite songs at the moment. Enjoy them. Some of them are kind of wintery, but most are just wonderful to listen to all year long. What’s your favourite winter song?

'Christmas was coming. 
One morning in mid-December, 
Hogwarts woke to find itself covered
 in several feet of snow. 
The lake froze solid and the 
Weasley twins were punished for 
bewitching several snowballs 
so that they followed 
Quirrell around, 
bouncing off the back of his turban.'

(Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone)

Autumn Mixtape (quiet and cold)


autumn i love you.

with all my little heart, please be kind to me & come back next year.

I will wait for you. Here, under the trees.