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Stars Hollow Book Club (Gilmore Girls GIVEAWAY)

Good Morning friends, I hope you’re all doing great – I’m doing fabulous. I’ve recently hit 2000 followers on my Instagram, so I thought why not give you something back!!

I teamed up with the amazing NorthernLiberties to give one lucky winner one of their great Stars Hollow Book Club posters. If you’re a fan of Gilmore Girls & books this giveaway is something for you.

Here are the rules

Follow me (@where.the.wild.words.are) and NorthernLiberties (@northernlibertiesart) on Instagram.

Like the giveaway post.

Tag three of your friends on the giveaway post & tell me your favourite person from Gilmore Girls.

Optional: Repost the photo under the hashtag #starshollowbookclubgiveaway

You must have a public account

You have to be over 18 (or have parental consent)

Giveaway is happening until the 1st of April.

Open worldwide.

A Little Update (TemporaryPlaces)

Hej my dear friends, I have some news for you! I’ve opened my new Etsy shop yesterday. It’s called: TemporaryPlaces. Right now you can only buy two enamel mugs on there, but I’m planning some exciting new things right now. Maybe you know this, but I love enamel cups! They’re so retro and cute and it looks so so good to drink my tea out of one of them. I also use one cup for a pencil holder on my desk and one for the water I use while painting. You see – there are lots of possibilities.

Keep you eyes out for some updates within the next weeks, there are going to be some special Friends/Gilmore Girls/Sherlock/Fantastic Beasts/ACOMAF inspired goodies. And let me know, if you’d like to have custom made cups for you. I’d love to do that. I’m also thinking about doing notebooks, bookmarks, enamel pins and posters. Please, let me know what you think about it. I’d love to hear from you!

My Favourite Adventurers

I love adventure. I love being on the road, heading somewhere. But sometimes I just want to stay at home, in my warm bed, not surrounded by anyone. At times like these I love to read about other peoples adventures. Here are some of my favourites (in no particular order):

James Barkman

James Barkman lives in his orange bulli together with his wood stove and his beloved motorcycle. Check out his blog & Instagram, because he takes awesome photos!

Christopher McCAndless (Alexander Supertramp)

Book/Film tip: Into The Wild

The story about Christoper McCandless who left or burned most of his belongings and went on a journey across America. He wanted to live in the north – and wanted to live off the land there.

The Rolling Home

Book tip: The Rolling Home Book

Calum and Lauren have recently published their Rolling Home Journal, a magazine about adventurers. In there are a lot of cool stories about people who live like them. Van Life never sounded so perfect. Favourite posts: Reasons to live in a van//The Rolling Home Book//Caravan Life – Summer, Autumn & Winter//See the mountains from the sea

Sara & Oscar

I fell in love with the stories of Sara and Oscar. They write so heartwarming and utterly wonderful. Also, Iceland is one of my favourite countries. Favourite posts: What’s in our van drawers//Chocolate and mud

Nicolas Vanier

Book tip: L’enfant des neiges/Das Schneekind

I’ve read his book last year and fell in love with the story. He, his wife, his young daughter and their huskies went to live in the wilderness of Canada. They built a cabin together and lived completely off the land. Only snow, animals and three humans. Oh, how I long for that.

Michael Gregory

Check out the blog and Instagram of Michael Gregory if you want to find some wonderful photos. He calls himself an adventure photographer and loves to share his adventures with other people. With you!

Rüdiger Nehberg

Rüdiger Nehberg is a human right activist and survival expert. But he’s not only a common survival expert, no he is Sir Vival! He’s done a great deal of things, like crossing the Atlantic Ocean with a fir-tree and another time with a pedal boat, or surviving in the Brazilian jungle without equipment or food. Nehberg also wrote some books about his experiences, his journeys and about survival. I have a few of them at home (and also met him). A funny old man, who cares a lot about the environment, the Yanomami-tribe and female genital mutilation.

Reinhold Messner

Book tip: Die Rote Rakete am Nanga Parbat

Reinhold Messner climbs. He always did. I didn’t think I would enjoy reading about someone climbing, but that book swept me away. There will never be another Reinhold Messner. He has conquered the Earth, often by himself, and lives to talk about it.


Other adventure book recommendations: On The Road (Kerouac), Doppler (Loe), Walden (Thoreau), Wild (strayed)

Other cool blogs:

Tiny House, Tiny Footprint//Of Two Lands//Daughter of the Woods//Tina Sosna//A Girl and Her Van//Near the Lighthouse