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Enjoy some moments I captured as I spent a weekend at home with my family (kind of the last one before I moved to Hamburg). It was filled with sun and rivers full of ice. We were throwing rocks like little kids and had a lot of fun together.

The first photo I’ve taken in my new room, which is really empty right now (though it was emptier at that moment).


Hamburg Adventure

I’ve been in Hamburg last week. It was only for a couple of days and it was the first time I travelled completely on my own. There were a lot of disasters, but overall it was super fun! I love doing things for the first time. It’s frightening, but it keeps the adventure flowing. Enjoy this photography post.

Fuck me, I thought. 
I can do magic.

Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch

Books read: Hollow City//Rivers of London (stopped at half)//Fangirl
Songs listened to: Pocahontas by AnnenMayKantereit//Sophie by Bear's Den