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Enjoy some moments I captured as I spent a weekend at home with my family (kind of the last one before I moved to Hamburg). It was filled with sun and rivers full of ice. We were throwing rocks like little kids and had a lot of fun together.

The first photo I’ve taken in my new room, which is really empty right now (though it was emptier at that moment).


11 Lovely Things Around the Web (Last Minute Gifts)

In case you are currently searching for a last minute Christmas gifts, here are some ideas for you. I normally spend a lot of my free time browsing in Etsy, searching for things from my favourite films and tv shows and here are some of them:

1 Ramsay Bolton (Game of Thrones) enamel pin

2 Ron Weasley (Harry Potter) enamel pin

3Sherlock wooden pin

Welcome to Twin Peaks mug

Amélie illustrated print

Chandler Bing (Friends) enamel pin

Diagon Alley postcard

Gilmore Girls temporary tattoos

Rory Gilmore Reading List poster (with checkboxes)

10 Luke’s Diner mug in different colours

11 Kowalski’s bakery shirt (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)