Period Dramas (a list)

I have another weakness, besides from books: I freaking love period dramas. Yes, I mean the ones where they have these long dresses, live in castles and go to balls. I think the first one for me was the film Pride & Prejudice with Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen. I watched it some years ago and found it just fine, but over the last three years I watched it over and over and over again and then… and with autumn knocking on the door I thought why not give you my favourite period dramas. Perfect for cold weather, rain and storm, perfect for dreaming yourself away. Oh, and you can always recommend me some, because I really need MORE!!

1. Pride & Prejudice

As it was my first one, it is also my dearest one. Mr Darcy is really the dream of all women, at least I think so. Go watch the film if you haven’t watched it yet, it is a great one to start with. They’ve changed a lot of the language so that more people can understand it. And if you love this film, you’ll love the Pride & Prejudice series even more. Oh, I’d love to live in Pemberley!

2. Little Dorrit

I recently came across this tv show in my library and had to take it with me. I just love Matthew Macfadyen as Mr Darcy but as Arthur Clennam he is just perfect. I can still hear the title song, when I think about how wonderful this series is. And look at Claire Foy, isn’t she utterly beautiful? I’m hoping to read the book from Dickens soon.

3. North & South

Simply the best! It reminded me a lot of Pride & Prejudice though. A lot of politics and industrial revolution involved. And the ending is so wonderful, I watched the last 5 minutes three times and couldn’t stop the tears. I wish there’d be a few episodes more but there aren’t, so I think I have to read the book instead.

4. Parade’s End

I watched this a long time ago, so I can’t remember much of it, but I know that I liked it very much. Maybe this is due to Benedict Cumberbatch, at least a little bit. Look at his hair, it’s blond!

5. Ripper Street, The Musketeers & The Borgias

As for Ripper Street I only watched the first season, but I adore Matthew Macfadyen as detective Edmund Reid. It’s dark and tense and it’s set in a filthy, old London.

The Musketeers is simply one of the best series I watched. I adore every little detail in it, and it’s surprisingly funny. I’d love to be a companion of Athos, Porthos, Aramis and d’Artagnan.

Ok, Jeremy Irons as the Borgia pope is just … wow. And I loved Cesare and Lucrezia.

6. Jane Austen Films (Northanger Abbey)

Ok, I am honest with you: I haven’t watched all of the Jane Austen films and haven’t read all the books from her. But I will! I’ve only watched and read Pride & Prejudice and Northanger Abbey. I liked the story from Northanger Abbey, but it couldn’t compare with P & P, because this will be my all time favourite. Henry Tilney is a great one though.

7. The Pillars of the Earth

This really was a terrific and epic 8-hour series. Loved the story about Tom the Builder and it has  got a great cast by the way. Matthew Macfadyen, Eddie Redmayne and  Sam Claflin, to name a few.

8. Vikings & Hell on Wheels

I only watched some episodes from Vikings but I was delighted. I love this time period and I am planning to rewatch the first season and then the second.

As for Hell on Wheels I have to say that I watched it from the first to the third season and then stopped. It somehow became boring, but I loved the first two seasons all the same. And Cullen Bohannon is just the best riding soldier with a smoking colt in his hand.

Some of the period dramas I’ve yet to watch:

What is your favourite period drama?

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