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11 Lovely Things Around the Web (Last Minute Gifts)

In case you are currently searching for a last minute Christmas gifts, here are some ideas for you. I normally spend a lot of my free time browsing in Etsy, searching for things from my favourite films and tv shows and here are some of them:

1 Ramsay Bolton (Game of Thrones) enamel pin

2 Ron Weasley (Harry Potter) enamel pin

3Sherlock wooden pin

Welcome to Twin Peaks mug

Amélie illustrated print

Chandler Bing (Friends) enamel pin

Diagon Alley postcard

Gilmore Girls temporary tattoos

Rory Gilmore Reading List poster (with checkboxes)

10 Luke’s Diner mug in different colours

11 Kowalski’s bakery shirt (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them)


7 Lovely Things

It has been a longer time since you last read about some lovely things that I like. So here’s another post about this. It has been raining like crazy the last two days and I absolutely adore it. My candles and fairy lights are out, as are my oversized jumpers and a steaming and hot tea cup waits for me beside my bed. It is getting dark earlier and earlier each day, but no autumn colours are yet to be seen around here.

1 I have been at the sea a week ago. Oh I just love to sit at the beach, wind in my face, hearing the waves gently roll in. And I also fell in love with the tiny houses at the sea side.

2 Started a bullet journal some days ago. We will see if it’s the right way to plan things out for me. I’ll write a blog post about it after some weeks of giving it a try.

3 This is a great song for a rainy day to keep some funk in your bones!

4 I’ve been video binging some book tube channels the last days and Kate is by far my favourite, she’s so adorable!

5 Oh, this pouch is really and utterly fantastic. I just love the children’s book Where The Wild Things Are (as you may have thought as reading my Instagram name)!

6 I’d love to have a bookish candle, like the ones you see all over Instagram. But I just can’t decide which scent to pick, there are just so many good ones like: Pemberley, 221B Baker Street, The Circus of Dreams, The Shire, Butterbeer, Ravenclaw … You see, far too many. But I think I will go for The Circus of Dreams (read number 7 to find out why).

7 I finished The Night Circus a week ago and I think it was the best book I read this year. Yes, I know I read many books (as I finished my 100 book goal) but this book was by far my favourite. It is so full of magic. I want to forever live in the Cirque des Rêves, stroll through it at night accompanied by all the strangers, smell this fabulous scent of popcorn, sweet apples and cinnamon, and enter a different tent each night. I want to discover all the things the circus has to show me, all these adventures, all these magical moments. If you haven’t read it, do it! You’ll love it, I promise.

5 good things

1 I couldn’t believe my eyes, as I saw this article about Earth Overshoot Day. We definitely have to do something about this, it can’t be going on like this forever!

2 I really want to see the film True Cost.

3 Take a look at these beautiful photographs from Kellen Mohr. They make me dream of hiking and camping trips with friends.

4 Found some tipps for a zero waste life from the author of the book Plastic Free.

5 No 5 good things post would be complete without something to wear. This time with a knitted top, which is utterly fantastic.


I thought about these 5 good things posts a lot recently, because sometimes I find it really hard to find 5 things to feature in this articles. There’s going to be a change: these blog posts are going to be published every second week. And on the Sundays between them I’m going to update you on what I’ve been reading the past two weeks. But I’m not sure how to call that yet. Stay tuned.


All the love,

Hannah xx