About Me

Hej, I’m Hannah and here on Schneewittchenblues I write, draw and make the photos. This blog exists since winter 2014. I’m inspired by nature, films, flea-markets and a lot of people around the world. I also care about our planet, that’s why I’m vegan and on my journey to minimalism and to a zero-waste lifestyle. On this blog you can find things like: my monthly mixtape, with the songs I’m currently listening to. vegan recipes. plastic-free stuff. thoughts about minimalism. the books I love. and a lot more stuff.

This blog is about celebrating life and finding what feels good for me (and you). So, I want to hear your thoughts about my blog posts, your stories and your lives. If you have questions – leave them below the articles – I’ll answer them happily. For more private questions write me an email: blog[at]schneewittchenblues.de. I’d love to hear from you!

Period dramas I love
Best books I read in 2016
My bullet journal