Terrarium DIY

What you need:
A glas (whatever size you want)

some succulents

plant soil

stones (different sizes)

a spoon

(optional: activated charcoal and moss)


First clean your glass jar and then fill the bottom with stones of various sizes. This is to create a false drainage, so the water can settle and not flood the plants. If you’re going to use activated charcoal/moss add it now. The charcoal is used for improving health of you plants, reducing bacteria etc. Add the soil. You’re going to need a little bit more soil than the depths of your plants.


Then take the plants out of their pots and remove the soil from them. Be gentle! You can also trim the roots a little bit, they will grow back. Use your hands or a spoon to dig holes in the earth and add your little plants. You can also add some decorations as well, but I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. Now wipe the dirt at the sides down and give your terrarium a little bit of water. It doesn’t need much, just little shots of water.


1 Don’t cover your terrarium with a lid. 2 You shouldn’t need to water them very often. 3 Remove dead leaves instantly, if an entire plant dies take it out. 4 Don’t place the terrarium in direct sunlight. For best result place it in indirect light.


Period Dramas (a list)


I have another weakness, besides from books: I freaking love period dramas. Yes, I mean the ones where they have these long dresses, live in castles and go to balls. I think the first one for me was the film Pride & Prejudice with Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen. I watched it some years ago and found it just fine, but over the last three years I watched it over and over and over again and then… and with autumn knocking on the door I thought why not give you my favourite period dramas. Perfect for cold weather, rain and storm, perfect for dreaming yourself away. Oh, and you can always recommend me some, because I really need MORE!!

1. Pride & Prejudice


As it was my first one, it is also my dearest one. Mr Darcy is really the dream of all women, at least I think so. Go watch the film if you haven’t watched it yet, it is a great one to start with. They’ve changed a lot of the language so that more people can understand it. And if you love this film, you’ll love the Pride & Prejudice series even more. Oh, I’d love to live in Pemberley!


2. Little Dorrit


I recently came across this tv show in my library and had to take it with me. I just love Matthew Macfadyen as Mr Darcy but as Arthur Clennam he is just perfect. I can still hear the title song, when I think about how wonderful this series is. And look at Claire Foy, isn’t she utterly beautiful? I’m hoping to read the book from Dickens soon.

3. North & South


Simply the best! It reminded me a lot of Pride & Prejudice though. A lot of politics and industrial revolution involved. And the ending is so wonderful, I watched the last 5 minutes three times and couldn’t stop the tears. I wish there’d be a few episodes more but there aren’t, so I think I have to read the book instead.

4. Parade’s End


I watched this a long time ago, so I can’t remember much of it, but I know that I liked it very much. Maybe this is due to Benedict Cumberbatch, at least a little bit. Look at his hair, it’s blond!

5. Ripper Street, The Musketeers & The Borgias

As for Ripper Street I only watched the first season, but I adore Matthew Macfadyen as detective Edmund Reid. It’s dark and tense and it’s set in a filthy, old London.

The Musketeers is simply one of the best series I watched. I adore every little detail in it, and it’s surprisingly funny. I’d love to be a companion of Athos, Porthos, Aramis and d’Artagnan.

Ok, Jeremy Irons as the Borgia pope is just … wow. And I loved Cesare and Lucrezia.

6. Jane Austen Films (Northanger Abbey)


Ok, I am honest with you: I haven’t watched all of the Jane Austen films and haven’t read all the books from her. But I will! I’ve only watched and read Pride & Prejudice and Northanger Abbey. I liked the story from Northanger Abbey, but it couldn’t compare with P & P, because this will be my all time favourite. Henry Tilney is a great one though.

7. The Pillars of the Earth


This really was a terrific and epic 8-hour series. Loved the story about Tom the Builder and it has  got a great cast by the way. Matthew Macfadyen, Eddie Redmayne and  Sam Claflin, to name a few.

8. Vikings & Hell on Wheels

I only watched some episodes from Vikings but I was delighted. I love this time period and I am planning to rewatch the first season and then the second.

As for Hell on Wheels I have to say that I watched it from the first to the third season and then stopped. It somehow became boring, but I loved the first two seasons all the same. And Cullen Bohannon is just the best riding soldier with a smoking colt in his hand.

Some of the period dramas I’ve yet to watch:


What is your favourite period drama?

7 Lovely Things


It has been a longer time since you last read about some lovely things that I like. So here’s another post about this. It has been raining like crazy the last two days and I absolutely adore it. My candles and fairy lights are out, as are my oversized jumpers and a steaming and hot tea cup waits for me beside my bed. It is getting dark earlier and earlier each day, but no autumn colours are yet to be seen around here.

1 I have been at the sea a week ago. Oh I just love to sit at the beach, wind in my face, hearing the waves gently roll in. And I also fell in love with the tiny houses at the sea side.


2 Started a bullet journal some days ago. We will see if it’s the right way to plan things out for me. I’ll write a blog post about it after some weeks of giving it a try.

3 This is a great song for a rainy day to keep some funk in your bones!

4 I’ve been video binging some book tube channels the last days and Kate is by far my favourite, she’s so adorable!

5 Oh, this pouch is really and utterly fantastic. I just love the children’s book Where The Wild Things Are (as you may have thought as reading my Instagram name)!

6 I’d love to have a bookish candle, like the ones you see all over Instagram. But I just can’t decide which scent to pick, there are just so many good ones like: Pemberley, 221B Baker Street, The Circus of Dreams, The Shire, Butterbeer, Ravenclaw … You see, far too many. But I think I will go for The Circus of Dreams (read number 7 to find out why).

7 I finished The Night Circus a week ago and I think it was the best book I read this year. Yes, I know I read many books (as I finished my 100 book goal) but this book was by far my favourite. It is so full of magic. I want to forever live in the Cirque des Rêves, stroll through it at night accompanied by all the strangers, smell this fabulous scent of popcorn, sweet apples and cinnamon, and enter a different tent each night. I want to discover all the things the circus has to show me, all these adventures, all these magical moments. If you haven’t read it, do it! You’ll love it, I promise.