My Bullet Journal


I’ve started a bullet journal nearly two months ago and I’m totally happy with it. I got rid of all the bookmarks on my laptop and all the different paper notes, that stuck everywhere in my room. If you want to get some inspiration for your own bullet journal adventure, here are some sites you could visit: the official bullet journal website (from the guy who invented it), some bullet journal hacks, design inspiration and elements, different weekly spread inspiration. If you are on the hunt for some inspiration take a look at some Instagram accounts, like christina77star or boho.berry.

What I love about bullet journals is that you can design it however you want. You could make it very minimal (like me) or you can work with different colours, paper, tapes… The possibilities are endless here.

"It’s an analog system for 
the digital age that will help you 
organize the present, 
record the past, and plan for the future."



More videos about bullet journaling

Boho Berry / Carrie Crista / Jenn Rogers / Overall Adventures / Jaaananannn / Simply Kenna / Gretchen Hope 

There’s a ton of videos around the web, so don’t get overwhelmed. You can find a lot of ideas online, but the easiest way is to simply start your own journey. Maybe write a list of pages you want to have in your bullet journal and then just start it. You don’t have to buy an expensive journal right away. If you’re not sure if this system suits you, just take one the old journals lying around and try bullet journaling. If it feels right after some time, then buy a good journal (a Moleskin or a Leuchtturm).

Some of my bullet journal pages

Calendar (6 months) / Monthly spreads / Books to read / Books I read in 2016 / Wishlist / A guide of the Internet (with all the websites and blogs I like) / Library / Quotes / Period Dramas / Films I liked / Tv shows (I’ve watched) …


What you need to start your very own bullet journal

A Notebook / Some pens / What ever crafting material you like (washi tape, watercolour, some different colourful papers, glue, coloured pencils, markers …)

Mixtape No23 and other music


I haven’t uploaded a mixtape for some time now. But music is so important to my life, so I want to show you what I’ve been listening to the last two/three months. In addition to that my all time favourite bands/singers. Listen to them, tell me what you think about it and recommend me some songs. What is you favourite kind of music? Sorry for that long post, but I have so much to show you!


August/September Mixtape:


My all time Favourites:
George Ezra

I love, love, love George Ezra since I first stumbled upon him, couldn’t wait to buy his album. His concert was one of the best experiences I had in my life, so sad he never played in Germany since then.

Ewert and The Two Dragons

I listend to Ewert and The Two Dragons two years ago, and now found them again on my computer. I fell in love with them over and over again. Their music is so fresh and lovely.

Dead Man's Bones

Have you heard that Ryan Gosling has a band? No? It is freaking cool! I have never before and after heard a band like this one, it is so utterly unique and captivating.

Tom Odell

Yeah, one of my dear favourites. Loved his first album, not quite sure what to make of his new one though…

Mumford and Sons

I have to admit: I love banjos. So whatever band it is, if it has a banjo, I’m gonna love it for sure.

Simon & Garfunkel

One of my favourite oldie bands. I quite enjoy music from the 50/60/70 and the record from the Concert in Central Park is just incredible.

Sufjan Stevens

If you’re looking for some soothing, relaxing music play some Sufjan Stevens.

5 Splendid Things (videos)


Arden Rose really is a wonderful human being. She talks about the things that mean a lot to her so freely and honest.

2 I just stumbled upon his second channel on Youtube and he has a lot of great things to say. I remember watching a video of Veeoneeye like … 2 or 3 years ago, and I know I didn’t like him that much, but the videos on his second channel are so full of interesting things. Like the things he says about being barefoot. It kinda makes me think about being barefoot myself, or instantly leave here and go on a long journey.

3 This is art. Ed Stockham is art. And not an untouchable and unapproachable kind of art. But an art that is so dear to my own heart.

4 I want to live on a boat. I never really liked being on a boat before. But after watching this video I honestly consider it to be a part of my future. It must be so liberating to travel within you own home to whatever place you like.

5 I never thought Jamie Oliver would be so likeable. I really have to try making these porridges. And watch a lot of videos from him.